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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAppBaseA convenient base for any Blackcomb application
 CWindowObject-oriented wrapper for GLFW's window functions
 CBaseEntityA generic entity class
 CCameraAn entity that can be used as a camera
 CFreeMoveCameraA camera that can be used to look around a scene freely
 CRenderableEntityAn entity that has a model and can thus be rendered
 CWrapperA conveniece wrapper for Dear ImGui's initialization and destruction
 CMouseWatcherKeeps track of mouse position and informs other components about the mouse
 CBlackcombExceptionA general exception caused by the engine
 CColorRepresents a colour in the RGBA colour space
 CPoint2fRepresents a 2D point with floats
 CPoint2iRepresents a 2D point with integers
 CPoint3fRepresents a 3D point with floats
 CPoint3iRepresents a 3D point with integers
 CRNGA wrapper for C++'s random number generator featuring a very original interface
 CUVCoordRepresents a set of UV coordinates
 CUVRectRepresents a rectangle in UV space
 CMeshLoads and stores mesh data
 CModelContains both a Mesh and a Model so that they may be rendered in tandem
 CShaderLoads and stores shaders
 CTextureLoads and stores a texture
 CTextureAtlasHandles looking up textures within a texture atlas
 CVertexHolds the data that describes a vertex: position, colour, and uv coordinate
 NstdSTL namespace
 Chash< blackcomb::misc::Point3f >Implementation of std::hash for Point3f
 Chash< blackcomb::misc::Point3i >Implementation of std::hash for Point3i